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You want to scan photos.  Should you scan photos yourself or use a scanning service?
Scan yourself with ScanSpeeder or use a scanning service? This comparison shows you why you may want to scan photos yourself with ScanSpeeder photo scanning software versus using a scanning service.
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Top 10 Photo Scanning Tips

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Top 10 Photo Scanning Tips
Scanning photos is quite simple. There are few tips that can make your photo scanning project much easier. So check out these tried and true tips that we use every day.
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Scan Photos - The Basics of Photo Scanning Software
Scanning photos has never been easier and quicker with ScanSpeeder's photo scanning software. Place as many photos as you can on the scanner and let the scanning software scan the images, automatically split them into separate files, add captions (which is also serves as a tag so you can easily find the photo later), and save the photos as both .jpg and .tiff simultaneously.
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