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Update to the latest version. You do not need to uninstall your current version first. This update will preserve your settings and registration.

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You can also check for and install the latest update under the ScanSpeeder Help menu > Check for Update.

Note that Windows XP is no longer supported for new customers.
Existing customers on Windows XP will not be able to install updates after September 2018.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

Change Log

New major version 2.0.5 now available!

- Introducing ScanSpeeder Professional edition!
- New magic wand feature corrects photos and removes tint with one click.
- Scan photo negatives, slides and other film. (Pro)
- Scan in 48-bit color or 16-bit gray. (Pro)
- Plus other enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 1.7.3
- Fixed: Pre-1.7 scanner is now recalled correctly after upgrade.

Version 1.7.2
- Improved scanner compatibility by allowing you to scan photos with larger variety of scanner drivers.
- Simple and advanced mode scanner drivers merged into a single list.
- If using advanced scan mode, extra popup can be disabled.
- Better photo scanner troubleshooting messages.

Version 1.6.1
- Faster and more accurate straightening and auto-detection
- Bug fixes

Version 1.5.7
- Use your own file name instead of automatic naming
- Bubble tips to help you through some actions
- Bug fixes

Version 1.5.6
- How-to-scan contextual help for your scanner
- Scan photos in an additional color depth

Version 1.5.5
- Improved handling of various color depths
- Improved user messaging
- Other bug fixes

Version 1.5.4
- Added: Manually set photo scanning start number
- Added: Reset all options and settings with one click
- Fixed: Tabbing into step settings
- Other bug fixes

Version 1.5.3
 - Windows compatibility security upgrade
- Fixed TWAIN mode memory leak
- Other bug fixes

Version 1.5.2
- Now supports 1-click operation with optional automated photo extract and save

Version 1.5.1
- Fixed Facebook login issue

Version 1.5.0
- Improved auto-detection with non-white backgrounds
- Added photo feeder capability in TWAIN mode
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed logging issue

Version 1.4.5
- Fixed tab orders and shortcut key
- Improved logging
- Other bug fixes  

Version 1.4.4
- more accurate preview photos in step 2
- easier frame and photo manipulation
- Other enhancements and bug fixes

Version 1.4.3
- Scanning bug fixes
- Other workflow improvements

Version 1.4.2
- Improved interface
- Improved auto detection
- Bug fixes

Version 1.3.18
- Improved auto detection

Version 1.3.16
- Improved scan display quality in Step 2
- Improved responsiveness
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.3.15
- Improved scan display quality in certain cases

Version 1.3.14
- Improved auto-detection
- More customization options

Version 1.3.11
- Improved compatibility with more scanners
- More customization options

Version 1.3.9
- Improved auto-detection with more options
- Quicker access to frequently used functions
- Other enhancements

- Upload to Facebook issues under certain circumstances
- Other bug fixes
Version 1.2.3
- improved automatic detection of photos
- more auto detection fine tuning options
- easier manual selection of photos
- more manual selection options
- improved visual workflow queues
- bulk management of selection frames and extracted photos
- more photo extraction options
- can open more file types
- plus several other minor improvements

- Windows 8/8.1 issue 
- twain mode sometimes non-responsive
- crash after several scans at high scan resolution
- resize causes inaccurate selections
- and several more minor fixes

 Version 1.0.46
- more options to refine scanning output
- more options to further streamline your workflow
- better compatibility with Windows 7 and 8 64 bit
- license key issues experienced by some users
- extra characters sometimes added to image caption