ClickCease Updates - Scan multiple photos at once | ScanSpeeder

Change Log

Version 3.25 now available!

  • Fine rotate frames in Step 1 using arrow keys
    1. Select one or more frames (left-click to select or control-left-click to select multiple)
    2. Hover over selected frame until you see the rotate arrows, then left or right arrow to fine rotate
  • Fixed photos not appearing in Step 2 for certain Windows display scaling settings

Version 3.24
- Fixed 'Save to Folder' browser sometimes only shows Desktop folder
- Fixed no longer prompts to save images that have already been saved
- Fixed guidance callout placement

Version 3.22
- Save source scan image containing multiple photos, in addition to saving separated photos.
- Auto expand the datetime editor when a datetime is set on an imported photo
- Fixed reset image behavior
- Fixed sometimes reports images not saved when they were
- Fixed bugs related to importing existing images

Version 3.21
  • In addition to our 1-click enhancement, enhance photos with more image editing settings built right in:
    • Correct your photos in bulk/batches with settings like auto colors, auto contrast, sharpening, gamma (correct shadows/highlights), brightness, contrast, hue, saturation
    • No longer need advanced mode for advanced image enhancement
  • Bug fixes

Version 3.18
  • Added German and Spanish languages
  • Deutsch hinzugefügt | Español agregado
  • Allow Windows tag deletion and batch removal
  • New Step 1 setting option to detect very small items
  • More informative film scanning instructions
  • New right click copy tags and caption to selected images
  • Fixed ctrl-x in caption field now cuts text
  • Fixed app can no longer open off screen if app was in restore mode and screen setup changed
  • Fixed transfer issue with certain Plustek scanners in advanced scanning mode
  • Other bug fixes

Version 3.16
  • New toast notifications stay out of your way while letting you see current and previous messages when you need to
  • (Pro) Added film scanning task (negatives and slides)
  • Import Windows tags
  • (Pro) Import PDF keywords, title and subject
  • Improved photo detection
  • (Pro) Faster PDF import and separate into pages
  • (Pro) Better OCR text recognition for cards and receipts
  • Auto change scan settings based on task
  • Improved instructions for each task
  • Several bug fixes

Version 3.12
  • New task-driven user interface guides you through 7 common workflows
  • (Pro) Document, Receipt, Business/Sports Card Scanning
    • Create searchable PDF (OCR) files
    • Find documents, receipts and cards with File Explorer search on any text contents
    • Create multipage PDF documents from any combo of document pages and images
    • Add to an existing PDF file
    • Import PDF documents into separate pages to change and create new documents
  • Import Your Existing Photo Collection
    • Up to 200 at a time
    • Bulk one-click enhance and fix orientation
    • Add captions, date taken and tags
  • (Pro) Photo and Document Feeder Support
  • Separate and process pre-scans faster with one-click 'Import Next'
  • Faster image processing, text detection and saving with better multi-processor support
  • Add Date Taken and actual tags for the Windows Tags property
  • Reorder images/document pages with drag and drop

More Info:

  • Windows Tags (Exif keywords) can be added or replaced, but are not currently imported with files.
  • Change from previous behavior: previous behavior created new files on each change now overwrites the original file by default. This can be reverted to previous behavior under Tools > Options > Section 2 > check “Autonaming creates new files..”

Version 2.19
- Fixes TWAIN scanning issue on some scanners.

Version 2.18
- Multi-task better and scan higher resolution with 20% less memory usage!
- New Step 1 setting to scan non-rectangular items like eBay items, collectibles and coins.
- More accurate previews in Step 2.
- Plus several other enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 2.16
- Resolved memory issue with new frame system.
- Better handling of TWAIN scan mode issues.
- Fixed advanced mode instruction blocking.
- Fixed app resize in legacy frame system.

Version 2.15
- Improved memory usage under new frame system.
- Fixed imprinting certain characters.
- Fixed delete button not available after select all frames.

Version 2.12
- New way to manually designate photos and angle in Step 1 by clicking two corners on a side then clicking on the other side.
- Fixed connection with some scanners.
- Accessibility improvement for visually impaired.
- Better handling of non-English Windows languages.
- Fixes intermittent blank scan in Step 1.
- Plus other enhancements and fixes.

Version 2.0.8
- Fixed problem with trial mode.

Version 2.0.7
- Imprint tags on photos in a variety of styles.
- New flip vertical makes orientation easier.
- Improved guidance on scanner driver selection.
- Plus other enhancements and fixes.

Version 2.0.6
- Improved image processing pipeline.
- Corrected DPI stamping in a certain case.
- Plus other bug fixes.

Major version 2.0.5

- Introducing ScanSpeeder Professional edition!
- New magic wand feature corrects photos and removes tint with one click.
- Scan photo negatives, slides and other film. (Pro)
- Scan in 48-bit color or 16-bit gray. (Pro)
- Plus other enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 1.7.3
- Fixed: Pre-1.7 scanner is now recalled correctly after upgrade.

Version 1.7.2
- Improved scanner compatibility by allowing you to scan photos with larger variety of scanner drivers.
- Simple and advanced mode scanner drivers merged into a single list.
- If using advanced scan mode, extra popup can be disabled.
- Better photo scanner troubleshooting messages.

Version 1.6.1
- Faster and more accurate straightening and auto-detection
- Bug fixes

Version 1.5.7
- Use your own file name instead of automatic naming
- Bubble tips to help you through some actions
- Bug fixes

Version 1.5.6
- How-to-scan contextual help for your scanner
- Scan photos in an additional color depth

Version 1.5.5
- Improved handling of various color depths
- Improved user messaging
- Other bug fixes

Version 1.5.4
- Added: Manually set photo scanning start number
- Added: Reset all options and settings with one click
- Fixed: Tabbing into step settings
- Other bug fixes

Version 1.5.3
 - Windows compatibility security upgrade
- Fixed TWAIN mode memory leak
- Other bug fixes

Version 1.5.2
- Now supports 1-click operation with optional automated photo extract and save

Version 1.5.1
- Fixed Facebook login issue

Version 1.5.0
- Improved auto-detection with non-white backgrounds
- Added photo feeder capability in TWAIN mode
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed logging issue

Version 1.4.5
- Fixed tab orders and shortcut key
- Improved logging
- Other bug fixes  

Version 1.4.4
- more accurate preview photos in step 2
- easier frame and photo manipulation
- Other enhancements and bug fixes

Version 1.4.3
- Scanning bug fixes
- Other workflow improvements

Version 1.4.2
- Improved interface
- Improved auto detection
- Bug fixes

Version 1.3.18
- Improved auto detection

Version 1.3.16
- Improved scan display quality in Step 2
- Improved responsiveness
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.3.15
- Improved scan display quality in certain cases

Version 1.3.14
- Improved auto-detection
- More customization options

Version 1.3.11
- Improved compatibility with more scanners
- More customization options

Version 1.3.9
- Improved auto-detection with more options
- Quicker access to frequently used functions
- Other enhancements

- Upload to Facebook issues under certain circumstances
- Other bug fixes
Version 1.2.3
- improved automatic detection of photos
- more auto detection fine tuning options
- easier manual selection of photos
- more manual selection options
- improved visual workflow queues
- bulk management of selection frames and extracted photos
- more photo extraction options
- can open more file types
- plus several other minor improvements

- Windows 8/8.1 issue 
- twain mode sometimes non-responsive
- crash after several scans at high scan resolution
- resize causes inaccurate selections
- and several more minor fixes

 Version 1.0.46
- more options to refine scanning output
- more options to further streamline your workflow
- better compatibility with Windows 7 and 8 64 bit
- license key issues experienced by some users
- extra characters sometimes added to image caption