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Verify ScanSpeeder is Authentic

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Verify ScanSpeeder is Authentic

This article describes how to check if your downloaded copy of ScanSpeeder is authentic and that it has not been tampered with.  If at any point below you do not see the red circled information exacly as shown, do not proceed with the download or installation and contact us.

ScanSpeeder is signed with a digital certificate. When you download and then attempt to install ScanSpeeder, you should see a prompt similar to the below.

verify scanspeeder

The publisher should be "Nitro Logic Inc.".  If you click on the "Nitro Logic Inc." link, you will see the details below.

scanspeeder photo scanning software

The circled information should be exactly as shown.

You can also see the details above from File Explorer if you right click on the ScanSpeeder setup file (scanspeedersetup.exe) or the ScanSpeeder program (usually in "C:\Program Files (x86)\ScanSpeeder\ScanSpeeder.exe").  Click on the Digital Signatures tab, then click "Details" to see the above.  The circled information should be exactly as shown above.

verify scanspeeder is authentic

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