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TWAIN Photo Scanning - Canon

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To scan photos, you have two scanning options: WIA and TWAIN.  Scanning photos is easiest using  WIA.  With this simple scan method, your Canon scanner works seemlessly with ScanSpeeder's photo scanning software.  

WIA provides you with ScanSpeeder's: best in the industry auto-detection, auto-splitting, batch scanning, auto-straightening, digitally tagging, and automatically saving photos as both JPEG and TIFF.  

If you would like to enhance your photos while scanning, then use the TWAIN scanning method.  TWAIN allows ScanSpeeder to work with Canon's ScanGear to give an assortment of tools to touch up those old photos while you are digitizing them.  Unlike WIA, the TWAIN scanning method takes a little setting up, but is still quite simple to use.  Let me show you...



Scan Photos with TWAIN - on your Canon Scanner


Step 1

Open ScanSpeeder:

  1. Click the Scanner button in Step 1.
  2. Select a scanner driver with (TWAIN) in the name.
  3. Check Advanced Mode.



Step 2

Click Scan.

Canon's ScanGear will now open.  Before you begin scanning, look at the upper left-hand corner.  You need to ensure that thumbnails is turned OFF.





Use the Normal View :  Canon-scangear-scan-photo  Do NOT use Thumbnails :scan-photos-canon-scangear


Step 3

On the far right-hand of the screen, change to 'Advanced Mode'.


Step 4

In the Advanced Mode select COLOR for scanning.  Even your old black and white photos, because color scanning (especially 24-bit color) delivers superior results.  I also recommend selecting 600 dpi; it is the optimal dpi for archival quality and still fast enough for batch scanning.  Scanning at any higher dpi is tediously slow.


As for image settings, you will need to play with this a bit depending on the photos you are scanning.  I start by clicking 'Preview' to see how the photos will look without any touch up.  Then I adjust accordingly.  Once you play with these settings a bit you will get a feel for what needs to be done to enhance your next batch of photos.  


Step 5

When you like the look of the photos in the Preview Area, click 'Scan'.



Step 6

ScanSpeeder now takes over.  Your photos will be auto-detected, separated, and batch scanned.  You will continue using ScanSpeeder as you normally would.  For the basics of scanning, please refer to this article.  Continue with ScanSpeeder by click the 'Extract Photos' button in Step 2.




In Summary - If you do not need to enhance photos, save yourself effort and time by using the WIA (simple) scan method.  If you want to enhance photos, then use TWAIN following the instructions above.  If you take anything away from this article, please note that THUMBNAILS must be TURNED OFF to allow ScanSpeeder to auto-detect your photos for you.


Interested in learning more about photo scanning?  See Top 10 Photo Scanning Tips. Also see Photo Enhancement with Canon Scanners


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  • Hi again. When using ScanGear (Canon scanner) within ScanSpeeder, the screen freezes when I scan. It doesn't transfer back to ScanSpeeder, but gets hung up in ScanGear when I click the Scan button. Is this common? Any suggestions? Thanks.
    9/8/2021 5:04:10 PM Reply
    • @marlon rains: Hello. No, this isn't common. Make sure you have installed the latest driver for your scanner and Windows version from the Canon website. Please contact us for further troubleshooting on this at .
      9/8/2021 10:45:57 PM Reply
  • Hi. I'm about to purchase ScanSpeeder. I have a Canon scanner with Scangear software. I think I will do what your article says, and use the proto enhancement features of scangear while using ScanSpeeder. But, does ScanSpeeder (using WIA driver) have its own photo enhancement feature, or is it minimal compared to Canon's Scangear abilities? Does ScanSpeeder offer some kind of photo enhancement, or is it inferior to ScanGear's? Thank you for your answer. -- Marlon
    9/8/2021 3:33:30 PM Reply
    • @marlon rains: Hello Marlon and thank you for your interest in ScanSpeeder. ScanSpeeder has its own 1-click enhance feature that can work quite well with tinted or faded photos. In addition, you can also use the scanner manufacturer driver interface if you need more image filtering customization. This can be done by clicking the Scanner button (near top center), select a TWAIN driver (not TWAIN-MS), and check Advanced Mode. The other drivers will offer filter options as well, just not as many. Once set, your settings are remembered thereafter. I hope this helps.
      9/8/2021 10:43:34 PM Reply

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