Photo Scanning Keyboard Shortcuts

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Photo Scanning Keyboard Shortcuts

ScanSpeeder photo scanning software has keyboard shortcuts that many people like to use when batch scanning.  It gives you the quick advantage of using your keyboard rather than moving your mouse.  This is a popular feature when scanning large qualities of photos.  




Photo Scanning Keyboard Shortcuts


The top three scanning shortcuts are:

1.  Alt-s to SCAN

2.  Alt-e to EXTRACT

3.  Alt-v to SAVE.


To view all the keyboard shortcuts, type the Alt key on its own.  This will cause all the keyboard shortcut letters to be underlined.   

Here is a list of the major shortcuts currently in ScanSpeeder.  They work just like all Windows shortcuts.  Press the 'Alt' key with the letter from the menu below to activate the feature.

ScanSpeeder Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Alt + a  = Add Frame
  • Alt + d = Delete
  • Alt + e = EXTRACT Photos
  • Alt + f = File menu
  • Alt + h = Help menu
  • Alt + l = Selects All
  • Alt + n = New Scan
  • Alt + o = Open Folder
  • Alt + s = SCAN
  • Alt + t = Tools menu
  • Alt + v = SAVE image files
  • Alt + x = Exit
  • F1 = User Manual


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  • Nice but I'm really missing Hotkeys to rotate pictures, that would make it much easier!!!
    5/5/2019 7:20:36 AM Reply
    • @Patrick: Hello Patrick and thank you very much for your suggestion on hotkeys for rotation. This is something we'll look into for a future update. Have a great day!
      5/7/2019 5:35:47 PM Reply

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