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Photo Enhancement with HP Scanners

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Scan multiple photos, automatically straighten multiple photos, and enhance your scanned photos with ScanSpeeder's TWAIN advanced scan method and your HP Scanner.  They work together giving you the best of both worlds.  HP scanners work with ScanSpeeder together offering HP's photo restoration and ScanSpeeder's efficiency in scanning multiple photos, automatically straightening photos, digitally tagging photos, and splitting them into separate files.

Please note that the available enhancement features may vary with your scanner model and may not be as pictured in this article.



Photo Enhancement with a HP Scanner

Step 1 - Select TWAIN advanced scan method

  1. In ScanSpeeder's upper-left corner click on 'File'.  Then select 'Select Scan Method', and choose 'TWAIN (advanced method)'.
  2. Click 'Scan' in ScanSpeeder.
  3. The HP Twain screen will appear, as show below.


hp scan entire scan area


Step 2 - Scanning Software Setting Selection

VERY IMPORTANT: Change the settings as indicated below.  

Changing the default settings in HP's Twain screen is necessary to let ScanSpeeder automatically separate your photos and auto-straighten them for you.  If you don't change the default settings, HP's software will try to do the auto-detection of photos and the HP software will not auto-straighten your photos, which means you would have to try and do it manually afterward. 

To change the settings to let ScanSpeeder work together with HP, make the following selections in the HP Twain screen:

  • In the HP Twain screen select:
  1. 'More' at the upper-hand side of the screen.  This opens up a more detailed selection screen. 
  2. In the 'Detailed Scan Shortcut Settings:' options cick the first tile called 'Scan'.
    • Under Scan select: photo, Entire Scan Area, Same as Input
  3. Click the next tile called 'Image'
  • Resolution: 600
  • Color Mode: Color (24 bit RGB)
  • Expsure for Color and Gray: Default Exposure

hp scan settings 600 dpi


Please Note:

If you proceed using the default settings and do not change to 'photo' and 'entire scan area', when you click 'Done', you will see the following message in ScanSpeeder indicating that it was not allowed to use its superior auto-detection and it was not permitted to use its auto-straightening.  You will have to change these manually if you use the default setting.



So, if you receive this message, just go back into the HP Twain screen and change the settings as show at the beginning of step 2.


Step 3 - Photo Enhancement with a HP Scanner

  • Click 'Scan' in the HP Twain screen.
  • After your scanner scans the photos, you will see them in the HP Twain screen.
  • Click on the photos to expand them.
  • At this stage, HP offers Exposure Enhancements:
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Midtone
    • or - click Auto Exposure and the HP software will alter it for you
    •  Please note that the available enhancement features may vary with your scanner model and may not be as pictured in this article.

Play with the enhancements until you like the look of the photos.  I use the Auto Exposure feature as I find it easier when scanning lots of photos. 

hp photo scanning enhancement...

Step 4 - Scan Photos

  • When you are happy with the enhancements, click 'Done' in the HP Twain screen and you photos will appear in ScanSpeeder.  
  • ScanSpeeder will auto-detect them for you.  


Step 5 - Automatically Straighten & Split Scanned Photos

In ScanSpeeder's Step 2: Extract Photos, click the 'Extract Photos' button.  

To tag your photos with captions, see this article
To change photo orientation, see this article.  


Step 6 - Save Photos

In ScanSpeeder's Step 3: Save Files, save your photos.

  • I recommend you save your photos in JEPG and TIFF format.  JPEG is a compressed format that is great for posting on social media or emailing.  TIFF is a "lossless" format meaning it is excellent for archiving photos.  For more great tips on scanning photos, see the Top 10 Photo Scanning Tips
  • This is a great time to think about how you will catalog your photos.  With ScanSpeeder's caption feature, you can catalog photos at the same time.  See this article to see how.
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