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You want to scan photos. Should you scan photos yourself or use a scanning service?

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You already have a computer and probably have a scanner.  ScanSpeeder scans multiple photos at once and dramatically speeds up the process.  But there are many great photo scanning services available that will scan your photos.  We did the research for you and came up with some pros and cons of scanning photos yourself versus sending them out to a photo scanning service.  As part of our price comparison, we've included scanning service delivery and extra fees for orienting your photos properly, and assumed 600 DPI resolution, which we consider optimal quality for digitizing your old photos.


$30For Unlimited Photos


$400Per 1000 Photos
Save money ​​
Immediate results - start scanning today ​​
Leverage your existing computer investment ​​
Scan direct from photo album 1 ​​
Less effort - Mail your photos off and await their return ​​
Don't have to trust your precious originals to mail delivery and scanning service 2 ​​
Turnaround time for 1000 photos
5 Hours
3 Weeks
Tag photos with critical context to understand and find them later ​​
No computer or scanner required ​​
Basic photo enhancement is done for you 3 ​​
Digitally catalog as you go ​​
Multi-purpose features at no additonal charge - scan business cards, sports cards, receipts, coins, stamps and more ​​

1 No need to take your photos out of the album, potentially ripping them and taking more of your time. Some services do offer full album page scanning at an added cost but do not split the photos out into separate photos like ScanSpeeder does.
2 Remember no amount of insurance can recover original photos should they get lost.
3 ScanSpeeder allows you to do individualized photo enhancement during the scanning process.


There you have it.  Happy scanning!


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