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How to Install Photo Scanning Software Offline

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Many of us have computers in our house that are not connected to the internet, or are in an area of the house that simply cannot get internet access.  If you would like to use photo scanning software on a PC that is not able to go online, then follow these simple steps to install ScanSpeeder.  



How to Install ScanSpeeder on a PC that is Not Online 

Please note: This installation will require a thumb drive (USB memory stick) and you have access to one PC that can access the internet for the initial download.

1 -  On a PC that is contacted to the internet...


2 -  Register Your Copy of ScanSpeeder

  • If you have not done so already, please purchase the copy of ScanSpeeder such that you are sent a license key.  Want more information on how to register your copy of ScanSpeeder? (click here)
  • Then COPY and PASTE the license key.   To do this, use your mouse to highlight the license key (usually the left mouse key), then while highlighted right click your mouse, and select copy. Save the license key into any program you like to use to save text, such as MS Word, Paint, etc.  

Quick Tip: This is a good idea to do anyway such that you always have your license key in case you any changes occur to your PC down the road.  


3 -  Save your license key onto your thumb drive

  • This is typically done by going to File --> Save As and then selecting the drive that shows your thumb drive.  
  • In the example below, I called the file ScanSpeeder License Key.

license key saved to...



4 - Save ScanSpeeder to your Memory Stick

  •  Now go back to your downloaded copy of ScanSpeeder and SAVE it to your thumb drive (memory stick).  An easy way to save ScanSpeeder is right click its icon before you open it, then select SEND TO, then select the thumb drive (memory stick) and it will save on it for you.  


5- Install Using the Thumb Drive on your Offline PC

  •  With ScanSpeeder and your license key saved on the thumb drive (memory stick), you can remove the thumb drive from the PC and insert it into other PCs in (up to 5) your house that do not have access online.  
  • To save it to the PC that is not online, select "computer" in the start menu and double click on the thumb drive.  
  • Both the ScanSpeeder program and the file you saved your license key will be visible.  
  • Right click each, separately, select SEND TO, and save to the local PC.
  • Run the ScanSpeeder program like usual.  

Now you can use ScanSpeeder on this PC that is not online.   Your license of ScanSpeeder's photo scanning software allows you to use it for personal use on 5 PCs in your house.  



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  • Will this work with an all in one printer scanner?
    12/29/2017 6:28:28 PM Reply
    • @Brenda: YES!! As long as it has a flatbed scanner. In fact, most scanners on the market are now all-in-one uses. I recommend you download the free trial Brenda. Take a test drive... If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me. Happy Holidays!
      12/29/2017 6:56:00 PM Reply
  • what dpi setting does this software use
    12/29/2017 6:25:56 PM Reply
    • @Brenda: Hi Brenda, You can use whatever setting your scanner allows. I recommend using 600 dpi for optimal ratio between quality and speed. The higher the dpi, the slower a scanner scans, and 600 is the best spot in my opinion. Be careful of products out there that "compress" their scanning. When you scan with ScanSpeeder, you get BOTH archival (uncompressed lossless TIFF files) and JPEG (compressed files that loose data) all in one scan. Happy Holidays!
      12/29/2017 6:52:22 PM Reply

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