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How to Fine Rotate Scanned Photos

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How to Fine Rotate Scanned Photos

The scanned photo is almost in the orientation you want.  In this case you can manually make a fine correction by rotating the photo.  To make a slight correction to a scanned photo rotation, skew, or crookedness, use the manual fine correction.  Rotations can be made in either direction (clock-wise or counter clock-wise) and as fine tuned as 0.5 degrees.  Scanned photos can be manually fined tuned in batches, or separately. 

Step-by-Step: Fine Rotate Scanned Photos

Look at the third photo below of the child snorkeling.  I want to slightly rotate the photo to remove the sliver of white exposed at the top of the photo.  

change photo skew in batches



Step 1: Click on the scanned photo (in Preview Area).  Set the estimated rotation angle by using the up arrow for clock-wise and the down arrow for counter clock-wise.

 fine rotate scanned photo



Step 2:  Once degree is set, (in this example it is set to +0.5 deg, which is clock-wise 0.5 deg),  click the "Rotate (deg)" button under it

change photo skew


If results are not what you want, click on the photo then click the "Reset" button and try again. The "Reset" button does NOT reset the captions.  

The next example will show you this feature.  The caption, "Brent Snorkeling 1988" is added to the second photo.

changed photo crookedness


Finally, the photo is set to rotate counter clock-wise by using the DOWN arrow which adds a negative sign (-) in front of the degree selected (in this case - 0.5 deg).  Click the "Rotate (deg)" button under it. The Caption is retained after rotation.  

fine rotate scanned photos


Helpful Tips: 

  • To rotate all the photos, click the "All" button.  
  • To select a few, but not all photos, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the photos you want to rotate.  
  • Using the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking photos will also let you remove photos that you don't want rotated.  
  • To see how to change orientation by 90 degrees with the "Left" and "Right" buttons, see the article on how to change photo orientation.  
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