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How to Change Scanned Photo Orientation

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How to Change Scanned Photo Orientation

This article shows how to change the orientation of scanned photos, in ScanSpeeder, to achieve the look you want.  You may have photos in ScanSpeeder Step 2 that are upside down, horizontal or landscape when they should be vertical or portrait, or vice-versa.

Step-by-Step: Change Orientation of Batch Scanned Photos

In this example, the photo album page was placed upside down on the scanner.  Photos are now scanned and separated but upside down.  

photos upside down2

This is how you can easily change the orientation. 


Step 1:

To change the orientation of all the photos, click the "All" button.  All button  That is what I did in the scenario below.  

If you prefer to select only one photo to rotate, you can simply hover your mouse over top of it.  Three icons will appear on the photo: rotate counter clock-wise 90 degrees, rotate clock-wise 90 degrees, and an "x" to delete the scanned photo.  

no scale 3 buttons


If you want to select a few, but not all photos, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the photos you want to rotate.  

Quick Tip: Using the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking photos will also let you remove photos that you don't want rotated.  


Step 2:

Click the "Right" button (90 degree rotation per click) to rotate the photos clock-wise.  rotate right button  I clicked this button twice to get my photos upright.

Quick Tip:  Don't worry about playing around with the rotate button.  You can click the Reset button to bring you back to the start before you rotated.reset button

The Reset button will NOT remove the captions.   

steps to rotating ph...


Photos are now upright on your screen and can be saved in this better viewing orientation.  If you would like to make a slight correction, see the article on how to fine rotate a scanned photo.  

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