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How to Batch Scan Multiple Photos with Borders
When photos are printed a border can be added. When batch scanning multiple photos, with photo scanning software, many people want to preserve both the photo's image and the photo's border. Many of us wrote important details within the border to capture its context; such as the date the photo was taken, who is in the photo, what is happening in the photo, or where the photo was taken. For this reason we want to scan both the image and the border together.
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How to Install Photo Scanning Software Offline
How to install photo scanning software, ScanSpeeder, to batch scan multiple photos, on a computer not connected to the internet, or just so you have a backup copy.
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How to Fine Rotate Scanned Photos

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How to Fine Rotate Scanned Photos
To make a slight correction to a scanned photo rotation, skew, or crookedness, use the manual fine correction. Rotations can be made in either direction (clock-wise or counter clock-wise) and as fine tuned as 0.5 degrees. Scanned photos can be manually fined tuned in batches, or separately.
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How to Change Scanned Photo Orientation
Photos can be scanned in any orientation: upside down, horizontal or landscape when they should be vertical or portrait, or vice-versa. Once scanned it is easy to change the photo orientation in batches, or separately.
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